Simon Bolivar In The United States Of America (Bicentennial Visit (1807 - 2007))

Simon Bolivar In The United States Of America (Bicentennial Visit (1807 – 2007))


Author: Miguel Chirinos

Chirinos’ book is commemorative publication for the 200th anniversary of Bolivar’s visit to the United States (1807-2007). Also, it is about a specific episode of Bolivar’s life, which is not so well known or sometimes omitted in his biographies. From Europe, Bolivar sailed to Boston and from there he traveled to several cities, as follow: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the District of Columbia, observing the nation with its brand-new constitution. Also, he had the opportunity to visit the Carolinas and sailed from Charleston, SC to La Guaira, Venezuela and he thought in his return: “There had already been the great example of North America. There the thirteen British colonies had fought the American War of Independence (The American Revolution) for their freedom and now seemed to be proud, free and successful nation. Why should the Latin Americans settle for less than the North American?” Although Bolívar carried that inspiring vision of liberty with him to the end of his life, he found it impossible to realize in his native land.


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